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Like many female entrepreneurs/business women out there, there was a former career or a health reason that led us to a new chapter in life.

So who is Maryanne Scott and what is your story on how you became a branding photographer?

I’ve always been super creative, whether it was writing & publishing cookbooks or painting, I just love to make things.  And I always knew that I should be doing something creative.

So when my husband Andrew bought me my first DSLR camera back in 2006 (when I was working as a Corporate Broker), little did he know that he would awaken a monster… I think he expected that it would be another fad, but much to his surprise all these years later I’m still as passionate about photography as I was then.

I continued to work as a broker full time until 2014 (juggling photographing weddings on weekend and a full-time job) but I just couldn’t keep it up so decided to go full time in photography 2014.  After a couple of years of doing weddings and portraits, I realised my true passion was taking photos of business women and empowering them to be visible in their businesses.

I still do around 15 weddings a year and the occasional kid’s portrait session but I just love to be around female entrepreneurs and to encourage them to show the face behind the brand.

What would be a typical day for you on a shoot?

The great thing is that no two shoots are ever the same, and I love the unpredictable nature of what I do.

One day I could be meeting business women in Leeds to do headshots in a fancy cafe or bar and then next I might be a stately home.  A typical day is probably far less glamorous as I spend a lot of time editing in my home office. I shoot an average of 5 women a week and then also shoot campaigns for Instagram too.

Most of us are our brand yet we shy away from the camera, what top tips would you give to ensure we get the best images – the outfits we choose, professional hair make up location etc?

There are 3 things that make a shoot work.

1. The choice of location for the shoot can set the whole tone for the shoot,  you might choose a trendy bar in a city centre, a cool cafe-bar or we might be outside.

2. People often struggle with what to wear too – I offer lots of advice on this, but also recommend using a stylist if you’re really not confident.

3. Hair & makeup though not necessary can make a huge difference to confidence.  Plus you’re pretty much guaranteed that you’ll look fantastic in the photos (while still looking like you).

What has been your most valuable lesson learnt whilst being self-employed?

It’s good to network.  When I first started I was almost embarrassed to shout about what I was doing.  when I eventually decided to join networking groups and to actually be sociable on things like Instagram and Facebook I found new business friends and quite often found work because of these contacts. 

What top tip would you give to other women who are thinking of starting out in business and following their passion?

Personally, it was always the money side of it that worried me.  So I put in place a plan to actually give me the chance to leave full-time and still know that there would be money coming in.  I worked out how much I would need monthly to cover bills etc and then saved money for 6 months before leaving work.  That way I knew that if I was having a quiet month I would have enough money to cover bills.

What exciting projects have you got coming up with your business?

I still love all the personal branding shoots I do but I’m now also offering Instagram packages which I’m really happy with.  I shoot 30,60, 90 images for clients to use on their Instagram.



How do our readers find out more about you and your services?

You can find me at
Or call me on 07894150072.
Maryanne Scott
Photographer, Blogger, Webdesign & Author
You can find me here:

Shortlisted for “Best Photographer” in the 2015 Wedding Industry Awards

It’s been a real pleasure both getting to know you and also working with you.
Yes, my fabulous location shoot images are by Maryanne.

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