Balance Your Hormones Balance Your life With a little help from Nature.

So many factors in our everyday life can cause imbalances with our hormones. From the pollution in the air, the cosmetics and skin care we use daily packed with synthetic estrogens, stress, chemicals and nasties in food along with as we hit the 30's into the 40s our hormone levels naturally take a dip, we have a lot to contend with do us women but there is a light..

The Power of Plants

I came across essential oils or should I say pure therapeutic grade essential oils at the start of my ill health. I was introduced by a friend who had used them for her own health reasons and with great results. Like you and many others I had used essential oils before for burning, never realising all I was doing was adding chemical aromas to the house, harming my health al the more.

Essentials oils are nothing new in terms of healing, they have been around for centuries, used worldwide for there healing powers.

Why Use Essential Oils?

Certain oils have specific benefits for emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.

They can help with the following:

Ease Anxiety
Enhance Mood
Promote Relaxation & Better Sleep
Improve Digestion
Ease PMS
Help Balance Hormones


How Do I know What Oils I Need?

This is were my oily expertise come in to play and my background in aromatics & health coaching, grab a free 15 minute chat with me to talk about all things oils - you can book your call here:

Alternatively, if you live close by you can book in for my wellness and essential oils consultation were I use the latest cutting-edge technology. Bringing to you the ITOVI Scanner.

The iTOVi Scanner combines galvanic skin response (GSR), pressure sensor, temperature, and Bluetooth technologies to measure small changes in the electrical conductivity of the skin. This gives us the perfect report to work on, meeting all the bodies needs.

Wellness & Essential Oil Consultation  £30.00  x 30 Minutes

  • If you’re looking for an essential oil/wellness consultation, this is for you.
  • I will tailor 2 blends to your specific health concerns using our revolutionary health and wellness scanner.
  • Find out which products your body responds to most!
  • Using proven technology and a unique algorithm, we help streamline your wellness routine.
  • This in-person consultation is all about ensuring you feel supported and empowered around your physical and emotional health.