Welcome to my Well-Being Services. Are you feeling a little out of balance?

When you stumbled across my website I imagine you were looking for for a little health advise and had noticed that something just wasn’t feeling right with yourself.
Perhaps you feel overly tired and sluggish or a little forgetful / brain foggy even gained weight unexpectedly and or your skin is just not glowing as it once was.

I work on a no one size fit’s all approach or as I like to call it Bio-Individuality. You see varying health symptoms showcase themselves differently in each person and our makeup or genetics are so so unique to us. I like to act as your very own health detective and leave no stone unturned.
We get to the root cause rather than just treat the symptom.

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Women’s WellBeing In-Depth Consultation
1hr 30 mins £75.00

  • The purpose of the initial consultation is for us to get an overview of your current health and wellbeing in order to understand what you want to achieve and how I can best assist you.
  • We have an hour and a half to go through the in-depth consultation form that will be pre-submitted prior to our meeting.Consultation questionnaire

Women’s WellBeing Ultimate Package Initial Consultation
+ 3 x 1 hour Follow Up Sessions £225.00

  • Includes Initial Consultation time to delve deep into your wellbeing history
    Time for you to speak about all your concerns and be heard.
    A thorough check of medical history + any medications on.
    Lifestyle Assesment and Circle of Life.
    Body Metrix Ultra Sound Scan
  • Itovi scan

Women’s WellBeing Express Consultation £45.00 x 45 Minutes

We all want to be healthier, but it’s often difficult knowing how.
I offer bespoke nutritional advice for modern women seeking to improve their physical, emotional & mental wellbeing.
Let me empower you with knowledge and confidence in your own unique body.

  • Express consultation going over pre-submitted forms and gaining a full understanding of your health & well-being.
  • Assessment of current diet & any supplementation taken
  • Emailed Summary Report Review is provided within 6 working days following your consultation.

Trio Health Express Package £100 x 3 – 45 Minutes

In order to support you to achieve your health goals, it is advisable to meet your coach at regular intervals (every 2-3 weeks) to monitor and support you.


  • Initial consultation
    Monitoring your response to the plans put in place from the initial consultation.
  • Talking you through your revised plan step by step and time for any questions you may have
  • Itovi Essential Oils scan and 5ml oil blend

Wellness & Essential Oil Consultation  £30.00  x 30 Minutes

  • If you’re looking for essential oil / wellness consultation, this is for you.
  • I will tailor 2 blends to your specific health concerns using our revolutionary health and wellness scanner.
  • Find out which products your body responds to most!
  • Using proven technology and a unique algorithm, we help streamline your wellness routine..
  • This in person consultation is all about ensuring you feel supported and empowered around your physical and emotional health.