A healthy workplace is a more productive, loyal and happier place to be.

Imagine a more energised, happier and healthier workplace.

Employers are now realising that taking time to focus on staff health is key to productivity, less time off for sickness, happier workforce, less stress, loyal and improved performance.

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Nine to Thrive

The Signature Workshop for the Workplace

1/2 Day Workshop

Based on 4 key areas Nutrition, Sleep Hygiene, Mindfulness & Movement

Nutrition: Understand How good Nutrition can boost energy levels and sharpen the mind and mood. We will sample some super tasty snacks and look at some easy to cook recipes for the super busy.

Sleep Hygiene: How getting a good nights sleep is crucial for mental and physical health. We share top tips for creating a sleep only zone, downtime and essential oils to help you fall off to sleep easily.

Mindfulness: Learn simple techniques of managing everyday stress and how to feel more confident and less anxious. Our fully trained practitioner will walk you through a session that will leave you feeling energised, confident, and able to take the bull by the horns. You will then have your own copy to download and listen to as and when you need it.

Movement: How getting in your daily steps, taking time to stretch, work on flexibility, pliability can help improve posture, pain, and both mental and physical wellbeing. Here we will take some time to learn how certain movements can have a big positive impact on our lives.



Your 30 day program to get you fast-tracked to feeling good again.

Give me just 30 days to re-energise, reboot and recharge your employees. By investing in your staff's health & wellbeing you are taking a huge step forward to having a happier healthier workforce.

Together for 30 days online we work through the program together

Here's what you get as part of this awesome program:

  • Daily email coaching with to-do's and key tasks
  • 2 group coaching calls for 30 minutes each.
  • Meal plans and recipes for greater success
  • Weekly group video vlog
  • Mindset Reset Coaching
  • 1 In-House 1.5-hour workshop or remote via Skype
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Tailor Made

Choose your own package that best suits your work-place environment your staff and your budget.

Drop me an email with your requirements or an outline of a budget, the number of employees and the dates and time you have and let's together come up with the best plan of attack to get your staff into the best health possible.


Imagine having a plan forward for your health and vibrant self in just 15 minutes of your time. Each month I offer limited spots for women over 30 to use my services for free. Schedule your free 15 minute session now. I'll speak to you soon!